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If you recall from a previous post, our family got on a plane a couple of weeks ago to go to the east coast.  Steph and I went to my best buddy’s wedding.  And we dropped the kids off at the grandparents house so that the wedding weekend would be enjoyable for my folks to get some quality time with the kids.

I was planning on taking some really good pictures of our whole trip with my Nikon D70…until some lunkhead dropped my camera directly onto a brick road.  And no, it wasn’t the Worm’s fumbling digits.  (Actually, he’s got excellent dexterity for a 2.5 year old.)  It was my own fault.  I was in a hurry to get out of the car one day and thought my camera was secure in my backpack.  The force of gravity and chaos theory ripped it from my bag and slammed it to the ground.  I was appalled.

I thought I could make do by using my recently upgraded iPhone4 (yes, I’m way behind on phone technology) camera to take kiddie shots until Christmas, when I would ask Santa for a new(er) Nikon.  It took one day to realize that the iPhone4 wouldn’t bring the quality of photos that my blog, and awesome blog readers, deserved.

With the help of an early message to Santa and Mrs. Claus (who look surprisingly like my mom and dad), I was able to get another camera before the holidays.  Thanks mom and dad!

Enter the Nikon D7000. 8 years newer than the D70 and much more feature-rich…

I’m not kidding, this thing is crazy good.

Anyhow, I used to let Worm take pics with my D70.  A few months ago, he showed interest in using the camera, so I let him try.  (I couldn’t stifle the creative juices of possibly the next Ansel Adams).  Plus, it was an inexpensive beginner camera for me.  He held the camera well and understood a few of the button functions.  His photos have been generally more abstract with the subject sometimes not in the picture at all (i.e. carpet fuzz, top half of Smushie’s ear, etc.).  But, I figure that he will get better once he opens his eyes when looking through the viewfinder.

Now that I have the  D7000, I’m not certain that I want Wormie playing with it.  (Read: It’s my toy!!!)  He’s already asking to use it.  Ok, it’s more like “Me have dat!”  So, I’ve got to get him a camera so that he can improve his photog skills and not interfere with mine.  I’ll either have to fix my D70, or buy him a used one.  Because right now, he’s got his eye on my new Nikon.  Besides, I think it would be cool to see what he can do with a camera of his own.  It may give me an opportunity to see a little sliver of the world from his perspective.

Here’s a picture of me letting the Worm hold my new (to me) camera.  It shoots so well, that even a toddler can use it!

I'm Not Sure I Want to Clearly See My Wrinkles...

I’m Not Sure I Want to Clearly See My Wrinkles…

Thanks Mom and Dad for the new camera!  I even got a 3 year kid-proof warranty on it!  I look forward to taking even better pics of your grandbabies with it!

This post was going to be about a neglected little potty that spent its entire life collecting dust in the corner of the kitchen.  And one day, all of that changed.

I’m not sure what got into his head, but the Worm was so excited to use the potty last week, he almost peed himself.

Me:  “Worm, what are you doing?”

Worm:  “Me want to be nakie nakie!”

Me:  “Ok, let me take off your shirt and pajama pants.”

Worm:  “Nooooo! Nakie, nakie!”

Crap!  (Not literally.)  Maybe we can do this for a few minutes and when he’s distracted, I’ll put the diaper back on…

The lithe leprechaun became giddy, arms (and other appendages) flapping about as he hurdled the couch cushions and zipped through the air in unclothed hysteria.  I gave chase, holding a clean diaper and hoping to catch any pee or poo that could escape Worm’s little body should he laugh a wee (literally) too hard.  Ten minutes in, I was exhausted.  The only real solution was to break out the potty, pitch it to Worm like a used car salesman, and hope he would take to it like a duck to water.

Me:  “Worm, check this out!  This kiddie potty is so ergonomic, and aerodynamic I might add!  It’s the perfect blend of form and function!  Porcelain white plastic!  No-slip, high performance rubber feet to keep that potty planted, even during an earthquake!  I’m going to put it over here in the middle of the kitchen floor, so you can observe it from every angle!  If you want to take it for a test ride, just hop in right here and fill it up.  Go ahead, kick the proverbial tires!”

Worm:  “There’s no handle.”

Me:  “Well, it still works.  It’s an eco-friendly design that automatically senses pee and poo.  Then it flushes without water.”

Worm:  “DADDY!?”

Me:  “Ok, I have to empty the potty into the big toilet by hand.  But it’s still cool, right?  Plus, you’ll use the potty like Honeydaddy!”

Worm:  “Oooooh  Kaaaay!”

I could sell snow to an Eskimo.  Sort of…

Worm:  “It’s dirty.”

Me:  “Dude, the stuff you’re going to put inside will be much dirtier that those measly dust specks.”

The kid will pick up food off the sidewalk and eat it, but all of a sudden now he’s questioning the cleanliness of his kiddie toilet?

Toddlers and rational thought seldom collide.  I crossed my fingers that not a drop of his body fluids would fall on the floor…for the next 2 hours.

Worm ended up using the potty three times with no assistance or help from me!  He even brought the full potty to me to show me what he made!  (Gross, but at least he sink his hands into it and splash it around.)

All in all, it was a very good learning experience for both of us…well, mainly for me.  I didn’t pressure him to use the potty.  I gave him the choice to pee in the warm, safe, comfy, clean, lovely, free-lollipop-dispensing potty or pee in the cold, drab, spider-infested, boogie-man-lurking corner.  The choice was easy for him to make.

Too bad his desire left after the sun went down.

I’ll always remember this day, not because he was potty training himself, but because he rubbed his bare bum on my head twice when I wasn’t looking.  (I washed my hair about 10 times that night.  It still doesn’t feel clean.)  That whole day was more fun than I expected it to be (except for the bum-hair part).  We’re so close to getting him out of diapers, I can almost taste it!  Well, I can at least touch my hair and smell it…

Come On Worm!  You Can Doooo Doooo it!

Come On Worm! You Can Doooo Doooo it!

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