I’m Dylan.  This is my daddyblog. I’ve gathered a total of about 1 hour of experience before starting this, so go easy. I’ve got two middle names and one last name.  I’m an ex electrical and computer engineer, present acupuncturist and massage therapist, and future blogger.  I’m a new dad and pretty much a stay-at-home pop.

I think I look smarter with glasses!

I’m interested in all things concerning life. Sometimes I think I know what I’m doing. Sometimes I have no clue about what I’m doing.  But most importantly, I make people think I know what I’m doing.
Hopefully, I can give you a view of life through my rose-colored smudge covered glasses.

Looking Good Honeybaby!

This is my wonderful, beautiful wife Steph.  We’ve been married for 3+ years now. She’s the one that brings home the bacon while I’m at home eating it.  She’s also the more conservative, responsible, organized one in the family.  Yeah, I know.  If she was the one at home, Gavin would have a fighting chance at a normal life.


Below is Gavin Xavier.  He’s the reason for this blog being here.  I mean, I guess I could have started a blog about my dogs, but then my parents (and in-laws) wouldn’t be nearly as interested.  I know I called this blog Me vs. Gavin, but I’m pretty sure that life with him is going to be a breeze as long as he does what I say and do. The domain name brainwashingbaby.com was already taken and I know that harmony is frowned upon in society, so I spiced up the title to spark interest in my weblog and make our interaction seem like a prize fight (which just for the record, I would definitely win).

And if you’re wondering…yes, sometimes when you mix brown paint and white paint…you get white paint. 😉

He doesn’t know what he’s in for…

And I can’t forget about our family’s two hairy sidekicks…

Duncan and Frodo!  Duncan’s the Weimaraner…You know, typically hungry, needy, moody, obsessive.  But, he’s my best friend and if he could, he’d crawl under my skin so we could be together 24-7.

Frodo is the Husky.  He is everything that Duncan is not…aloof, anorexic, and cat-like.  Meaning, he is not attached to us at all.  In fact, he wouldn’t even care if he switched families…which gets me thinking.

I told them not to dress up for the picture, but…


January 2013 brought us baby Addison Zoe, aka Smush!  She’s kissably cute and we love her!  Smush didn’t come with a user’s manual, and I don’t know much about raising girls. But, since she’s spawned from the same parents as Worm, I assume her personality will be pretty much identical to his. Why would 1 + 1 = anything other than 2? This will be a piece of cake!

So Adorable and Sweet...When She's Sleeping!

So Adorable and Sweet…When She’s Sleeping!