Have you ever had someone totally transform the way you look at yourself?  These people are the hidden gems in life.  They usually shock you with their authenticity and timing.  They can be hidden anywhere in society, even in plain sight.  After a chance encounter with them, you’re never the same.

I found my ruby at Supercuts.  While cutting my hair, she told me something that just blew my mind.  First, she asked me how I usually comb my hair.  I replied “I part my hair on the right side and comb all my gray hairs over to the left.  It never feels natural for me to comb it this way even though I’ve been doing it forever.”

Then she said “It’s probably because your cowlick pushes your hair the opposite way.”  So, my hair swirl goes clockwise, which makes my hair naturally part on the left side.  That’s the exact opposite of what I thought was going on back there…

I inferred from her statement that what she really meant was that a grown man with an ounce of common sense should probably know where to part his hair.

Cheers to this wonderful lady, who was so bold to tell me the truth about my own coiffure and resurrecting my faith in humanity.  There have been none so bold before you dear woman (because if there was, I would have been combing my hair the right way years ago!!!)

Even though I had trouble figuring out my own hairy noggin, I can’t help but be happy now.  It’s all because my little Gavin has the same direction swirl as his daddy!  What are the chances?  (I know, it’s 50%.  Don’t burst my bubble.)  As I see it, Worm and I are even more closely related than before!  Now we’re practically twins or something!

It's Not Pretty, But it is a Clockwise Rotation

Combing the Perfect Spiral

Let a valuable lesson be learned here by all.  If you have a friend or family member that has been combing their hair in the opposite direction of the hair whorl, their life is probably a mess like mine was.  Tell them about it and change their future forever.  Be the gem of someone else’s life.

Now that I am styling my hair with its natural flow, my life has also begun to flow much more naturally.  I’ve also noticed the sky is bluer and the grass is greener!  I feel smarter and more mentally clear!

I take it upon myself to not repeat the same mistake on my child.  I will make sure Worm always combs his hair with the grain (until he wants a mohawk)…and even then, I’ll make sure it swirls a little to the right.

Here’s food for thought.  A research scientist named Amar Klar has done research trying to correlate handedness to the direction of the hair spiral.  He believes that there is a gene that connects hair whorl direction with handedness.  If you believe his research data or wish to test it out on your own baby, just look at the hair spiral.  You may be able to predict whether your child is going to be right-handed or left-handed, subsequently amazing your friends and family!  (Although, you could guess right-handed for everyone and be correct 90% of the time.)

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