Giuliano Stroe is the strongest 5-year old boy in the world.  He holds the world record for walking on his hands for 10 meters with a weight between his legs. Um, I can’t even walk on my hands for 10 inches before falling on my face.  In the article, it says that Stroe’s been working out at the gym since he was born!  (Boy, his dad really started him exercising early.)  I believe it.  I mean, Giuliano’s got a 6 pack that would make grown men cry…and he’s only been at it for 5 years!

Which brings me to review my lackadaisical attitude towards Gavin’s training.  I’m already 11 months behind and his Buddha belly is more doughboy than washboard.  Time for me to get to work.  To make up for lost time, I added some extra weight to the barbell for him.  If Stroe trains 2 hours a day, I’ll make let Worm train 3.

Dad, I Think I Strained Too Hard. Can You Check My Diaper?

You can see the current World’s Strongest 5-year old in the links below: