Training for Mixed Martial Arts, I guess.

I’m new to daddyblogging as well as fatherhood.  I’m 9.35 months into being responsible for another living human and I’m still not sure I love it.  I mean, I love Gavin (aka “The Worm”, aka GX, aka Bubba) like I love my old Land Cruiser.  But, things are different now.  Way different.

I used to have a career.  I mean I was using my brain on many different levels at some point.  Thinking of complex things like electrons, Ohm’s law, and microprocessors etc. was stimulating and brought some entertainment.  Since then, my intellect has devolved into being entertained by baby puke and “veggie wedgies”.

Since we aren’t ready for outside day care facilities just yet, I volunteered to put my career on slow-motion while taking on the easy task of baby management.  Or so I thought.

I take care of Gavin all week, so I should have enough time to mold him into the person I want him to be…ME!  I know it will take a few years, but when that happens, it will be much less of a struggle.  We will be like two identical peas in a pod.  So, until I fully replicate all of my smarts into his brain, we may hit a few snags along the way.

Through all the ups and downs and everything in between, I hope to capture some pretty great things about raising a baby.


(And yes, we did hit the ground running yesterday…check out the bruise on the Worm’s face!)

Gavin – 1; Dad – 0