I love cooking food!

I used to be a pretty fine cook.
Not to say that I lost the ability, but my adventures into the culinary arts of late consist of dumping a premixed Ziploc bag of defrosted vegetables and meat into the crockpot. With working 9 hrs a day and actually wanting to spend some time with my son before he goes to bed 2 hrs after I get home, my BC (before-child) habit of delving into a frenzy of chopping, mincing, and sauteing in the hopes of producing the perfect blend of flavors every evening has fallen to the bottom of a very long list of wish-I-had-the-time-to-dos.
When I was pregnant with Gavin, a friend of ours introduced us into the world of home-made baby cuisine. Armed with a cookbook and a Kalorik babyfood maker, Dylan and I joked that he would become the ultimate Daddy chef (we already knew that he would be the primary caretaker). However, the task of making Gavin’s weekly food rations has been not-so-subtly hijacked. I love to cook; it is my stress relief. And since I can’t create nightly masterpieces for my husband and I without being wracked with guilt over abandoning what little time I have with my child, I have taken over cooking his baby food. At least I’m doing SOMEthing for him, then, right?
Making baby food has turned out to be quite fun. I still get to muse over the flavor components and acidity:sweetness:umami ratios. It’s just in pureed form. Each weekend I determine what blends of organic produce I will create, and Gavin and I chat (his is more of a babble) away in the kitchen while I peel, chop, steam and puree, and he sits on the floor eating the every piece of grass, insect and dirt he can find (I call that gross, he calls it an appetizer).
So, over the life of this blog, I’ll share with you some of my creations. Baby food making can be as simple or as complex as you make it, but for me, I just like getting the chance to cook something that doesn’t involve the crockpot.