It works…in theory.  I never got to try it out.  If you remember from a previous post, I’d been saving the Worm a couple times a day from a butt-clenching 29.5″ altitude.  Gavin wasn’t able to perform the standtosit technique for the past 3 weeks and would get stuck in a standing position screaming bloody murder.  I invented a diaper solution (for the good of all parent-kind) to help cure Worm’s fear of heights, blah, blah blah…(Don’t make me retype the story again, please?  Here’s the link to that post.)  I guess it only took me blogging about his dilemma for him to channel Rocky Balboa (queue up “Gonna Fly Now“.  If this song doesn’t drive you to your full potential as a human being, then your name is Clubber Lang or Ivan Drago.  I digress.) into his little body.

Here is Gavin in just his second attempt ever seen.  From acrophobia to acrobatica, it only took one dismount to master the standtosit technique.  He isn’t even phased anymore.

Just watch the technique.  It’s a one-hand, two-hand, drop.  Style points for that.  He must have learned the 180 knee-spin from watching SYTYCD last season.  Double style points for that pivot.  Oh, and I’m sorry about the high-pitched voice in some of the video.  When I get excited, the schoolgirl cheerleader part of me comes out.

I hesitated about points on this one because I did create the double diaper technique.  But since the Worm beat me to the punch in figuring out how to give in to gravity all by himself, he gets a point.

Gavin – 7; Dad – 4