This phoenix feels like it’s been whacked by a couple of tree branches on its way up.  My head is still thumping (not pounding anymore) and my throat is swollen, but my first small victory is that I can breathe through my nose again.  Blasted flu virus!

The flu has transformed me into a wheezing, bumbling tangle of limbs and slime.  My senses, covered in phlegm, have allowed me to trip over my feet and almost eat my teeth.  Twice.  I’m not a happy camper.  (Although, the added resonance of nasal congestion grants me a few days of Barry White bass vocals.   But, I’m only swooning myself because Steph and Worm won’t come within earshot of their walking petri dish, formerly known as dad.)

On the first day of flu-ness, my germs have asked of me:  12 packs of saline, 11 foreign movies (preferably French), 10 rolls of tissue, 9 mandarin oranges, 8 coughs a minute, 7 bloody noses, 6 garlic cloves, 5 bowls of soup, 4 Chinese herbs, 3 onion slices, 2 gallons water, and 1 dark, moist room.

I’m lucky to have been sick during the time that Steph had off from work.  For the past 4 days, she has handled all of Worm’s needs, while I lay in bed denouncing the Gods with “Why me?” between coughing fits.  So there hasn’t been any me versus Gavin in the past few days because there was hardly a me present.

But, today Steph’s back at work and I’ve got to take hold of the baby again.  (After 4 days out of view, he may have forgotten just who I am.)  The situation freaks me out as I’m still not 100% well.  In fact, my phlegm is still a ruddy yellow color with red sprinkles all over it.  Am I contagious still?  Probably.  (And I can’t remember the last time the flu hit me for more than a couple of days.  This flu’s been quite resilient.)  I don’t want Gavin to get sick.  So, how do I manage this feat?  I’m sure other parents have been in a similar situation and have their personal way of dealing with spreading germs to the kids.

Then there’s my way.

How To Protect Your Baby From Catching Your Flu - Technique

How To Protect Your Baby From Catching Your Flu - Action