Worm’s got an uncle in Florida. A nice uncle. An uncle that will bestow upon him all the latest gadgets and gizmos that his generation will fawn over.  I have a strong feeling that this uncle (let’s call him Faldo to protect his innocence, if he’s got any left) will be the go to guy when Worm wants something and mean Mommy and unreasonable Daddy won’t buy it.

Uncle Faldo loves his nephew from afar, which means he expresses his affection mainly in gifts.  At least for now, the Worm’s too young to understand where gifts come from.  But when he realizes that uncle Faldo has the power of a year-round St. Nick and can be reached instantly via phone rather than snail mail, trouble (for Steph and I) will surely come.  (I can just hear it now…”But Dad, all the cool kids at school got one!  You suck!  I want to go live with uncle Faldo!”)

Enter the first of Uncle Faldo’s generous presents…the VTech Alphabet Train.  It’s so big, it may need a parking space in the garage.

Chicks Dig a Nice Set of Wheels!