Before my mom came, I was the Worm’s go-to guy.  Every time I would walk in the room, it was like he was seeing Tebow (I’ve added an MVG glossary in case you don’t understand what I’m saying) parting the Red Sea.  Worm would run (ok, crawl) over to me as fast as he could and then touch my big toe, which is his way of saying “Pick me up, daddy!”  I would sweep him up into my arms and we would both laugh together while “The Lion King” theme song miraculously played in the background.

Now that my mom’s in her fourth week of visiting, my glitter is gone.  I walk into the room to see Worm and he doesn’t even turn his head.  If he does look up and happen to see me beaming at my only son, he dismisses me with his “You look familiar, but I’m not sure who you are” face.  So, I stand and watch my aloof son and lament that even at this young age, he is living the old phrase “out of sight, out of mind.”  Even more sad for me is that when we do interact, I am the one forcing the connection.

I exist as a human baby bib now, gladly wearing vomit, snot, and other juices (both of body and of fruit).  But, I’m eager to accept the role because it means he still finds me useful in some way.

It’s true that I’ve been spending less time with Worm.  I planned quite a few non-baby oriented tasks to take care of while Gavin’s grandma was here.  Fix car, work on business development, clean desk, organize garage, etc.  My BB uber-productive self returned and I had been excited to get some “work” done.  So, off I went every day tending to my own affairs.  And when I disappeared for hours, Grandma fed, changed, and played with the Worm.  Subsequently, I was erased me from the boy’s short term memory (Isn’t it all short-term memory for him?  I mean, he’s only been alive for 11 months!) and replaced by Grandma.

It’s hard for me not to be the almost center of Gavin’s world (right next to his purple spatula).

Worm With His Two Best Friends

But, his indifference towards me is a sour reminder that my “work” priorities are no longer priorities and some things have to be let go.  Family should come first unless you value your happiness, freedom, hygiene, quietude, personal space  is how the saying goes.  I need to rearrange my to-do list for fear of becoming a total stranger to Worm.

Worm, here I come!  I’m going to be in your face from morning to night!  I’m going to play with you until we both drop from exhaustion.  I’m going to be there all the time, even in your dreams!  I may even become the voice of your subconscious and your higher self!  We’re going to be best friends again even if  I have to stalk you like Duncan stalks me!  I promise!

Worm, thanks for reminding me that I can’t forget about the little people.  I guess I needed that.

Gavin – 9; Dad – 5