He hates it.

We are the type of people who don’t want to buy our kid the best gear only to find out later he isn’t really interested.  (Yep, we’re cheap bastards.)  When it comes to helmets, I just don’t see how a child, especially a baby, is going to know the difference between an $80 helmet and half a coconut shell.  Since we want Worm to spend more time wearing his helmet than eating it, we opted for a non-food based one (although I’m sure the manufacturer used corn in there somewhere).  Steph found a shiny blue Winnie the Pooh helmet on the clearance shelf at Target.  It didn’t look like it had been used and returned.  It looked new!  Being that the only other option in that Target was a pink Barbie helmet (which obviously would have emasculated our boy), we snatched up the blue Pooh one.  (We didn’t snatch it as in we stole it.  We purchased it…we’re not that cheap!)

The only other thing to do before we went up to the counter was try it on.  We put the helmet on Worm to see if it would fit his noggin.  And this was his response:

Dad, This Helmet Doesn't Match My Shirt!

I think if he would have ripped the helmet off any faster, he would have lost some hair with it.  Since there’s no arguing with the baby, we did the adult thing.  We bought the helmet and went home to torture him with it until he liked it.

On a side note, you should check the link below to find out what the laws are for your child when it comes to helmet wearing in your city or state.  There is no federal law requiring riders to wear helmets, but some cities require helmets for every age.