It’s one of those days,

A busy-ness haze.

There’s no time to rest!

There’s no time to graze!


It’s quarter to nine.

And not normally when

The Worm gets his nap,

Which is around 10.


Dinner last night has

Won over my gut.

It’s making some noise

To get out.  Now what?


Worm can’t be left un-

watched in the abode.

I’ve gotta go bad,

Or else I’ll explode!


My only option

Is for Worm to view

His dad on the can.

How awkward! Pee Yew!


I hope that Worm is

Not scarred yet again.

By watching me do

Something quite un-zen.


Worm, forgive me for

Forcing you to be

Locked in the bathroom

With my poo and me!

Look, Maybe You Shouldn't Bring Me in The Bathroom With You Next Time. Ok?