Kids are drawn towards everything.  They are like sponges, absorbing the delights of the world.  Sensory inputs capture sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and germs.  Especially germs.

Last week, Worm caught his first cold.  Yes, he’s 15 months old and this is the boy’s first communicable disease.  He received his initiation into the human disease network with a 102.5 degree fever for the first 3 days.  Phlegm has been leaking from his nose ever since…and today marks 14 days after the onset.  (Luckily humans are designed so that water boogers from the nose can be easily captured by the open mouth, effectively recycling fluids while reducing mess.)

I couldn’t tell how bad Worm was feeling because of his one word vocabulary.  (I can interpret “Ah!” only so many different ways.)  But after Worm used my shirt and face as his personal hankie, I caught the germ and found out how miserable he truly was.  Fever, headache, stomach aches, lethargy and muscle cramps.  This shared experience between us royally sucked.

Paging Dr. Worm, paging Dr. Worm. Your Assistance is Needed On The Couch!

And it’s still sucking…

Misery loves company, doesn’t it?  Worm, there are some things you just shouldn’t share with your friends.

Gavin – 14; Dad – 7

Dad, For You To Get Better, I Prescribe Ten Worm Hugs a Day!