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Dogs get cabin fever.  At least ours do.  I guess that when you’ve got two breeds of dog that are built for running long distances, you have to be prepared for the consequences of not harnessing that energy.  And if you keep dogs pent-up for too long,  you can begin to see the crazy in their eyes.  Darting back and forth between the couch pillows and your TV remotes, the eyes are looking for their next delightful chew toy.

So, I know I’ve got to get the pups out.  What better way to get them out than by seeing some of San Diego!  Ok, ALL of San Diego!

Since I didn’t feel like leaving Gavin at home by himself, I packed up the family (sans the working wifey) and off to Cowles Mountain we went.

Cowles Mountain is a great place to hike in San Diego.  It is part of Mission Trails Regional Park and the tallest peak in San Diego County at 1,592′ elevation.

A little known fact, even by San Diegans is that the correct pronunciation is like ‘coals’, not ‘COW-les’.  (I’ve been living here 11 years and I just learned that today.)

No, it doesn’t snow on Cowles Mountain.  Yes, it’s usually busy there.  On a clear day, the peak gives a wonderful view of San Diego County.

Don’t go in the middle of summer when the temperatures climb to 100.  People have died.  (Personally, I’d rather die climbing something a little taller like Kilimanjaro, but that’s just me.)  Take water because it’s dry over there.

Carrying a 20 lb sack of potatoes up the mountain wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be, but since Gavin provided moral support by grunting along with me up the trail, we each get a point.

Gavin – 4; Dad – 2

I gave up trying to get all of us to look at the camera...