(In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I’ve poured out my heart to someone special in my life.  Words are a mere trifle of all I truly feel in my heart.)

To my dearest:

I love you so much that I can’t wait to see you after a long, weary day.

You help me to block out all the noise and chatter of my mind.

You envelop me in your warmth and my skin tingles under your moist kisses.

You never question my motives and always listen to me without judging.

I feel as if I can tell you anything.

My voice becomes as sweet as a songbird in your stead.

I’ve shown you every side of myself, even the darkest places.

You never turn away.

I could spend every waking hour with you.

You are a respite for my mind and body.

You are my sanctuary, my meditation.

And when we part ways after our brief union, I am left standing in a dreamy fog.


Dear shower head, you bring me peace and calm.

I never appreciated you so much before the baby came into our life.  Please never leave me.

I love you…especially in pulsating massage mode.

Love is in the air!