It contained hidden messages and gang signs!  (Of course the intelligentsia of Chicago along with city clerk Susana Mendoza, spotted the snafu before thousands of this image was put onto stickers.)  So, his art was replaced by a runner-up.

What’s this world coming to?  Kids with evil intentions trying to promote gang propaganda!!!  Thank Tebow it was stopped by the smarter, more chaste and altruistic adults of this good country.

You have to read the article, or watch the video.

Personally, I think most people in Chicago are gang members.  Chicago was the criminal hotspot for the likes of Al Capone and his cronies in the 20’s.  I believe that most of the people living in Chicago now are descendants of Al Capone and likely have gangster blood in them.

I can't believe the gang references!

Being colored, I’m a natural gang expert.  So let me break the picture down for you.  When I look, I see more than gang signs.  I see the devil.

  • The use of the color red around the border of the entire image.  Red is the color of the Bloods gang, based in L.A.  This is obviously a shout out to those gang members on the west coast.  The symbolization here is that the Bloods are surrounding (or controlling) the city of Chicago.  A sly nod to the future expansion of the Blood organization.
  • Another reference to the Bloods and Crips is the color blue in the policeman hat and the red in the fireman hat.  This was NO coincidence.  The hats are facing off at one other, just like the B & C’s.  (This could mean the Crips will also be widening their territory here.)
  • The 2 blue and 1 white stripe in the heart image is the Argentinian flag colors.  This is a shout out to the barra bravas, the dangerous gangs that control the sport of football in Argentina.  Another gang that is probably planting seeds in the fine city of Chicago.
  • The 6 pointed star in the image is the star used by the Folk Nation, a hard Chicago gang.  The fact that the star is red in color also indicates bloodshed.  The 4 stars indicate the 4 leaders of the Folk Nation that control Chicago’s mean streets.
  • The color yellow, which is heavily used in the entire picture, is the same color used by the Latin Kings, another notorious Chicago gang.  Do you see where I’m going here?
  • The words “Chicago’s Heroes” is an anagram for “Hogies Croches”.  It is well-known that Chicago has great hogies sandwiches.  There are also many croches in Chicago.  The term Hogies Croches lends itself to a phallic reference of the majority of gang members being male.
  • Lastly, the different colored hands means that gangs are now accepting applications for new members of different ethnicities.  Hence the gang signs in the hand gestures.

It’s a shame what kids come up with these days.  It’s a good thing the gang experts of Chicago’s finest have caught the error of this young 15-year old’s ways.  It’s a good thing that so much manpower is put towards protecting the innocent.  We need it.

To learn more about what you can do to protect yourself from gangs, read the info below.  As a word of advice, don’t wear or use gang colors…such as green, yellow, red, or blue.  Cheers!

Barra Bravas




Folk Nation