I’m good at being pathetic.  No, I’m great at being pathetic.  I have a natural ability to connive persuade others to come rescue me from myself.  (I like to call my gift of persuasion, charisma.)  This time, the victim hero to come to my aid is none other than my mom!

It only took a couple months of daddyblogging here on MVG and a few heartwarming Gavin videos to get mom on a plane to help parent the new parents.  (Isn’t the internet great!)  I sounded desperate enough to get grandma to stay for a jaw-dropping seven weeks.  Hooray for grandmas!

So, I’m thinking with the extra set of hands, Steph and I will get to rejuvenate ourselves both physically and mentally.  I’ll get to dust off my bike and ride again after 2 years hiatus.  I’ll get to exercise by doing something other than crawling around on all fours chasing the baby.  I’ll get to eat my breakfast and lunch like a normal human…you know, by chewing!  Steph and I will rekindle our relationship with long walks on the beach, candlelight dinners for two (not two and a half), and watching romantic movies together while kissing during the mushy parts.  We will go for long, scenic drives in the mountains and through the desert (without having to feed, change, and/or calm a whining baby in the back seat).  In short, we will return to our lives BB, before baby, if only briefly!

Grandma is Here to Save the Day!

It’s not like we’ll leave grandma holding the baby and the diaper bag.  She’s a pro and this is old hat for her.  She raised two unruly boys into semi-functional adults.  I know it was before electricity and light bulbs, but some childrearing tricks don’t change. And if anyone’s got baby tricks, it’s my mom.  In fact, she will probably fix all the mistakes I’ve made with Gavin in one week and have him taking out trash and vacuuming by the end of her stay with us.  (Isn’t that great?  And all we have to do for grandma is feed and water her!)

So, blue skies, romance, and Stephanie, here I come!  My mom is here to give us reprieve and tame the wiggly Worm!