I’m always looking for ways to inspire myself.  Now that I’ve got a little one, finding ways to inspire him is just as important to me.

With all the bad stuff that hits the news everyday about youths, drugs, violence, etc., it seems as though the news media spends more time showing us the evil in our society than it shows the good.  Today, they’ve tried to even up the score.

Below is an article that shares the creativity of a little 9-year old boy in Los Angeles.  He loves games so much, he decided to build his own arcade out of cardboard found around his dad’s auto parts shop.  He designed and built everything.  All that was left to do, was spread the word and get people into his cardboard arcade.  Then one serendipitous encounter with a very nice customer changed his life forever.

I hope you find this article as heartwarming and inspiring as I did.  It’s a testament to what a kid can do given a little imagination and a little time.  There’s also a 10-minute video that Caine’s first customer, Nirvan Mullick, made to help drum up some business for the little guy using technology and a powerful thing called a social network…Boy, did it work!

By the time I dropped $10 into Caine’s donation jar, he already had $96 Grand $105 Grand in there from many other generous, caring individuals.

If this doesn’t describe one of the greatest things about the human condition, I don’t know what else does.  Enjoy!

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