Worm, do you know what I just deduced? (9)

We outnumber the women here in the roost! (11)

A vital precept shall be declared!  (9)

Toilet lids remain up and lives will be spared!  (11)


As men, we demand this noble act

Of maintaining order in chaos with tact.

If seats stay up, there will be no pee

Anywhere else, but in the toilet you see!


Worm!  Good grief!  Hold on just a minute!

It’s not a swimming pool!  Don’t jump right in it!

Something’s amiss.  Maybe you’re too small

To perceive the commode’s not a bath, that’s all!


The latrine idea is more complex

Than your brain can dissect before getting vex.

I don’t speak ‘baby’, your speech is poor.

So we’ll keep the lid down until you mature.


Later, we shall revisit this game

When Worm’s a bit older and I’m not yet lame.

We do concede now, lucky female.

But, I warn you be swift, for soon we’ll prevail!

Dad, This is The Smallest Bathtub Ever!