I'll Take The Top Spot From Worm And Be Daddy's Favorite!  I Just Need To Sleep On It Some More...

Sleep Little One…There’s Plenty of Room In My Heart For You Too!

Smush, you’re here!  There’s no question, you’re mine!  (9)

Such hairy little ears and a beet red behind!  (11)

Like daddy, you’re dark!  Great for the sun!

We can play on the beach until the day’s done.

Worm and his mom can’t stay long past dawn.

They’ll turn into lobsters and have to be gone!

Together we’ll frolic, with arms locked,

Our sharp elbows jabbing, and bony knees knocked.

My gangly limbs were meant for my lad,

I’ve cursed you with finger toes, please don’t be mad!

You’re a gift to us.  We are so blessed.

Study hard in school and don’t go out half-dressed.

Worm’s in the top spot, remember that.

But listen to daddy and you’ll be there STAT!

Like clean up your room and stay on track

Give me hugs and kisses and never talk back

Or miss curfew or fall into the wrong crowd at school or

Date until you’re 35…and even then, I have to look him over to make sure he’s good enough for you.