When Smushie came out, I knew she was Worm’s sister.  She had such similar features to him, I thought that maybe we were the first couple in history to have identical twins born years apart.  But someone broke that ground already.  (Reuben and Floren Blake are twins born 5 years apart.)

Anyways, using the magic of photo editing software, I made a picture of both of our children side-by-side.  The game is to guess which one is Smush.

Which One Is Which One?

Which One Is Which One?

The battle of wits has begun!

All you have to divine is what type of person am I!  Am I the type to put the pictures in order or not?

Now it’s easy to think that the photo on the left is Worm because of the blue hat.  But if the hospital ran out of pink hats that day, you WOULD BE surely mistaken!

You may also think that I would subconsciously put Smushie in the picture on the right because she was born AFTER the Worm!  But, I’m cunning enough to know that you might think so and maybe that’s why I put her picture on the left!

But I am a man and it’s OBVIOUS that I think that men are always right, so maybe I had to put the photo of Worm on the right!

Though, it’s perfectly clear that the whole idea of this game is to trick you!  If so, then it would be preposterous for me to keep the pictures in order and I would HAVE TO put Smushie’s photo on the left!

And you may assume that the dark ambient light would be on Worm and the soft light projected on Smushie, because Worm was born at night and Smush was born in the morning.  But, I KNOW YOU KNOW THIS! It would be too undeniable for your naked eye to see that the picture of Worm was indubitably on the left and therefore Smushie on the right!!!

I know you’re trying to trick me into giving away something.  It won’t work!

If that wasn’t clever enough, then maybe they are both pictures of Smushie and I have had you utterly fooled this whole time!

Ha ha ha!

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