Mushmonster, how do I start? (7)

You lead with your head before your heart. (9)

“Gallop forward. Pick up steam.”

Such is your mantra. A battle scream!

Have you no clue of what you bring,

When bashing your head on everything?

Mushie, dear, your skull has won

Against Honeydaddy and his son.


Poor Worm. You football “speared” him,

Blackened his eye, and blued his soft skin!

Then you set sights (it was more like your steel forehead) onto me

Splitting my lips by jumping with glee.

“Use your head.” isn’t the same

As what you think, when playing your game.

“Who’s next?” I ask out of fear.

Mommy’s the last undamaged. It’s clear.

Your noggin, fit for a brawl,

Will, in a short time, destroy us all.

It’s formidable, no doubt.

If you’re in a pinch, your dome’s got clout!


Hear my plea! Use it for good.

Control your powers. I know you could.

I’ve said it before. Now, again.

When I say “Use your head.”, I mean your brain! Or wear a friggin’ helmet until you understand what I’m saying…sheesh!


Worm, when Mushie's around, keep your hands up to guard your face!

Worm, when Mushie’s around, keep your hands up to guard your face!