So, I’m driving my truck to the middle of nowhere to save myself  from the total annihilation of the earth today and I see this huge lifeform laser-beam-eye-blasting trucks out in the desert.  Something seemed out of the ordinary, and I thought to myself “Hey, maybe this guy is the one that was sent to end the world today.”

So I go up to take a closer look at him and he’s giggling like a baby and setting a couple of classic Toyota trucks ablaze.  Fearful that my old Toyota was going to be next, I grab my little portable back massager tool that doubles as a dog toy that doubles as a weapon.  (Yes, it’s that utilitarian.  I put it in weapon mode as I approached the monster.)

“What do you think you’re doing?”  I ask him…and the rest is in the image below.


I was able to get a good picture of the whole situation right before I put a stop to it with my quick wit.  (I also thought it would be nice to upload a picture to Facebook for posterity purposes.  It’s not every day that an apocalypse happens.)

Before you get too critical, I did photoshop this “End of the World” picture.  But all I did was add our conversation.  Everything else is legitimate and real!  (Yes, my dog is really standing in the path of destruction and looking fierce in a teal fleece sweater!)

So, if you think that the world wasn’t going to end today, YOU WERE WRONG!  I stopped it.  I’m not looking for any rewards or anything.  Just add Me vs. Gavin to your list of other daily timewasters.