Worm, it looks like you’re at it again. (9)

You’re ripping food out of the cupboards and then (11)

When tomorrow should see us moving ahead,  (11)

We’re back in the cupboards with hands on the bread. (11)

Why do you squeeze and poke it so much?

Can you grip it less tight?  Try a softer touch.

My potato chips! Stop!  I’d rather you not

Pummel or trample them with your sumo squat.

Dad, I was checking the freshness dates on everything. Quality control, you know?

The Cheez-its have not done any wrong,

Why do they suffer?  Were they doomed all along?

Already have your hands and feet doled out wrath,

I pray you’ll be cleansed of your deeds in the bath.

Not cereal too!  When will it end?

As you tear open boxes,  I see a trend.

One hundred times now we have seen you destroy

The food in the pantry and cupboards.  Bad boy!