Wormie tells us this all the time!  Translated, the title means that we love him.  Lucky for us, he doesn’t think we are tastier than the new gut-busting Krispy Kreme doughnut sloppy joe sandwich, because nothing is or ever will be.   (This sandwich incidentally made it’s debut in my hometown!)  So, in case I forget about these funny words and sayings that Worm toddlerizes, I feel that I need to post them here.  But instead of just putting together a list, I’ve decided to write it out as a dialogue between us in what would occur in a Honeydaddy-Worm conversation.

Me:  Worm, are you ready for lunch?

Worm:  Eat big meat!  Watch tah tee see-oh!  (Translation – “Sure father.  I would love to dine on pheasant or swine, or even bison while I view an episode of Curious George.)


Me:  What are you stuffing in your diaper?

Worm:  Buy a nana, nut, and pee a bubba, ga koo!  (Translation – “Just some banana, doughnut, and Nutella.  Thank you!  These pants pockets are fake!  So, I found some extra space here in my soggy underwear.”)


Worm:  Me tursy dat.  chase fo wo and guk eet.  (Translation – “I’m parched from exercising the dogs around the house.  Can you grab me a beer?”)

Me:  How about a root beer instead?


Worm:  Honeydaddy, my arm hurt.  My pee pee hurt.  Tiss.  (Translation – “I can’t fathom how I could hurt my arm and pee pee simultaneously, but I did.  Can you kiss them to make me feel better?”)

Me (if there’s any time that I must step up and be a dad, it’s now.):  Umm….uhh….Well, I suggest you stop yanking on your pee pee like you’re starting a lawnmower and both your arm and pee pee will feel better.  Point to the boo boo.  *mwah*…one for the arm and…’hey is that a fire engine over there!?!’

Worm: Wow! Where?


Sorry Worm, I Should Have Believed You The First Time You Told Me...

Sorry Worm, I Should Have Believed You The First Time You Told Me…