Gavin’s crawling. Quickly. He began crawling on Christmas day as his gift to us. Maybe not so much gift as survival instinct. The fear of being buried alive under a mountain of presents and wrapping paper on his very first Christmas was probably the sole motivating factor.

Am I happy about it? Sort of. He was so easy to manage before this. Previously, I would drop Gavin off in the living room for hours at a time and go off mountain biking. (Disclaimer: I never did this without leaving a couple bottles of milk within arms reach.) Upon returning, his little body was precisely where I had left it, having moved nary an inch.  Bottles empty and that drunken milk smile  still stuck to his face.

It’s great that the Worm’s spreading his wings. But, it’s nerve wracking too. I’ve got to watch everything he does. No more video gaming, working in the garage, or blogging on the computer while the baby is awake. He’s fast and furious. And I’ve got to be faster.

Or smarter.  I had a spark of genius (if I do say so myself) while watching Gavin the other day.  So brilliant that I know someone reading this is going to take the idea, microsize it, and make a jillion dollars off of it. Hopefully, they will give me a high-five or something cool in return.

A cow grate for babies!  Of course it would have to be shrunken down a bit to fit inside the house.  All you would have to do is lay down a few baby grates in some sort of closed shape (box, circle, pentagon, if you want to get crazy go for the dodecahedron) surrounding baby and feel comfortable and secure in knowing that your baby will never be able to escape endanger himself by getting (or thinking) outside the box!

Gavin – 2; Dad – 1

I can't cross over to the other side! I'm so utterly bewildered!