Me vs. Gavin has survived its inaugural year!

We are happy to announce that we exceeded our expectations (which were zilch, by the way) in everything here on MVG!

I’m personally surprised that in 12 months, MVG got over 11,000 views!  (I have a feeling that half of those views are from my mother…)

For the people who continue to read about the ever stretching Worm, thank you!  We think he’s a special kid (who set the bar pretty high for his sissy) and we’re glad you think so too!

In 2013, we plan to:

  • double the number of children we own
  • half the amount of dogs we own (just kidding…)
  • give the website a facelift
  • take on some more cooking duties
  • find time to write a children’s book (will be looking for publishers soon…)
  • and lose sleep every step of the way!

Care to join us?  It is going to be a bit of a turbulent ride for the next year.  So order a few more vodkas from the flight attendant and hold on to the barf bag…we’re about to take flight!

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