We waited long enough to do this, but it’s time.  Worm’s just turned 21 months old and eager to explore the ends of his universe, our house.  He’s in Lewis & Clark mode and wants to leave no closet unexamined and no cabinet unpilfered.

I don’t know why, but the one place that Worm must visit 100 times a day is the cabinet storage under the kitchen sink.  And after he tried mixing Comet cleaner and Pine-sol onto the floor, I had to restrict access to this hazardous area.  I was afraid he might try to toss some cleaning powder in my eye and beat me up “Bloodsport” style…

I installed some cabinet latches that require a little more dexterity than the Worm has got at this age…and then I videotaped his reaction…priceless

I’m so happy I didn’t give him the butcher knife to hold during this video!

I was laughing up to the point where he hit me.  But, I still got the upper hand on him!

Gavin – 19; Dad – 11 (It brings so much joy to my life when I can outwit a toddler…)