I’ve been busy. That’s my excuse for GPOD grinding to a halt. It was a great idea back in March…but then life got in the way. So my new year’s resolution is to keep all the kids’ media organized (kind of like my brain) from the start. I’m bringing this branch of MVG back to life. And I’ll be adding one for Smush…so bear with me while I fast forward through this past year of Worm’s life!  And the pics will all get a date stamp.

May 2011

This is like one of those “Come on guys. What the hell are you doing with me?” pictures.
He’ll appreciate it when he is older and can reflect on this picture…or maybe not.

Dad, What am I? A trophy?  Put Me Back in My Crib! It's Nap Time!

Since I Can’t Control My Face Muscles, I’ll Just Tell You.  I’m Giving You the Stink Eye.