Meditating like the Buddha…


We finally get Gavin home from the hospital, 1.5 days after our special delivery.  I’m excited.  But, it wasn’t without much fighting with the hospital staff.  They’re telling Steph to relax and try and rest in the hospital, yet they are coming in every 2 hours to take her vitals or give her food or clean the room, etc.

I took this ridiculousness as more CYA than care, especially for a natural birth without meds.  (It’s incredible what the body is capable of doing when unmedicated.  In other countries, women give birth and then go home from the hospital in the same day.)  I can see why epidurals keep women at the hospital…it’s because it numbs their entire lower half!

So, I pushed the issue.  Over and over again until the hospital staff heard me.  (We also have the luxury of being only 10 minutes from that hospital and 2 minutes from another, so that was also a factor…it’s not like we were 4 days camel ride away.)

I just wanted to get home so that I could take care of my wife and baby…in our warm, cozy home.

And as you can see, the Worm (not nicknamed yet…) is having his meditation time.  Peaceful and serene, isn’t he?