In the spirit of Dr. Seuss, here’s a little poem for Gavin on his birthday!

You’re one today!

What does that mean?

Plenty of milk

And plenty of greenvegetables!

We’ll surprise you today

With your favorite things,

Like ‘Yo Gabba Gabba

And some (obnoxiously loud) toy that sings.

You survived an entire

Year with your dad!  (You can thank me later.)

With no missing limbs,

Aren’t you glad?

Dad’s much better at

Decoding your shout,

Which cry says ‘change me

And the cry of ‘cut it out (you idiot.  Stop playing with my emotions!)’

You’ve grown so much

In body and mind!  (You’re a lean machine.  You can thank me later for that too.)

I can see clearly you

Have your mother’s behind.

What will two bring?

I think it will be

More bruises and bumps

For both you and me.

Let’s celebrate today

And us parents will hail

That we haven’t screwed up Worm

Enough to land us in jail!

Dad, You'd Better Turn it Up a Notch. It's The Only First Birthday I'll Ever Have!