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Last week, the Worm turned one-year old.  To celebrate his awesomeness, we threw him a party!  We invited 30 people whom he didn’t know, provided lots of food he couldn’t eat, and made him stay up late when he didn’t want to.

In short, the party was for us!  Hooray!

But before the festivities commenced, my good friend Ted carried out a Taoist ceremony for entering life’s path.  Steph and I figured that Gavin could use all the help he could get, so why not bring in the blessings of the gods?  (No chickens were sacrificed during the ceremony, only monkeys.)  We invited our parents and a few friends for the cozy spiritual service.

Worm and I Can Be On Life's Path Together!

After the ceremony, there was good food and drink to be had!  All were merry!  With a Mexican theme, we rolled out the salsa, carne asada, carnitas, y cervezas!  (Don’t worry, Worm didn’t drink any beer.  He had tequila!)  Thanks C & E for helping us with the food and preparation!

It was a nice, warm San Diego day and we spent much of the celebration outside on the patio.

In the American first birthday tradition, two cakes were made.  (Steph told me it’s a tradition…I’d never heard of it.)  One for us to eat and enjoy, and one for Worm to eat and enjoy.  It’s pretty well understood that the baby’s cake is one that will probably end up splattered rather than sliced, and worn rather than eaten.

Naturally for Worm, his birthday cake was in the shape of a monkey.  (I asked for it to be in the shape of a Worm, but I was vetoed by Steph and Nana…but they promised me that his 2nd birthday could have a Worm-shaped cake.)

Lo and behold, our baby didn’t smash his birthday cake.  In fact, he asked for a fork to savor each morsel.  (He also asked for some sangria, but we declined.)

At the end of an unmessy event, the Worm looked like this:


Should We Freeze The Cake And Reuse it For His 2nd Birthday?

Worm partied well into the late evening until fiesta turned into siesta.


Happy First Birthday Gavin!


In the spirit of Dr. Seuss, here’s a little poem for Gavin on his birthday!

You’re one today!

What does that mean?

Plenty of milk

And plenty of greenvegetables!

We’ll surprise you today

With your favorite things,

Like ‘Yo Gabba Gabba

And some (obnoxiously loud) toy that sings.

You survived an entire

Year with your dad!  (You can thank me later.)

With no missing limbs,

Aren’t you glad?

Dad’s much better at

Decoding your shout,

Which cry says ‘change me

And the cry of ‘cut it out (you idiot.  Stop playing with my emotions!)’

You’ve grown so much

In body and mind!  (You’re a lean machine.  You can thank me later for that too.)

I can see clearly you

Have your mother’s behind.

What will two bring?

I think it will be

More bruises and bumps

For both you and me.

Let’s celebrate today

And us parents will hail

That we haven’t screwed up Worm

Enough to land us in jail!

Dad, You'd Better Turn it Up a Notch. It's The Only First Birthday I'll Ever Have!

I’m good at being pathetic.  No, I’m great at being pathetic.  I have a natural ability to connive persuade others to come rescue me from myself.  (I like to call my gift of persuasion, charisma.)  This time, the victim hero to come to my aid is none other than my mom!

It only took a couple months of daddyblogging here on MVG and a few heartwarming Gavin videos to get mom on a plane to help parent the new parents.  (Isn’t the internet great!)  I sounded desperate enough to get grandma to stay for a jaw-dropping seven weeks.  Hooray for grandmas!

So, I’m thinking with the extra set of hands, Steph and I will get to rejuvenate ourselves both physically and mentally.  I’ll get to dust off my bike and ride again after 2 years hiatus.  I’ll get to exercise by doing something other than crawling around on all fours chasing the baby.  I’ll get to eat my breakfast and lunch like a normal human…you know, by chewing!  Steph and I will rekindle our relationship with long walks on the beach, candlelight dinners for two (not two and a half), and watching romantic movies together while kissing during the mushy parts.  We will go for long, scenic drives in the mountains and through the desert (without having to feed, change, and/or calm a whining baby in the back seat).  In short, we will return to our lives BB, before baby, if only briefly!

Grandma is Here to Save the Day!

It’s not like we’ll leave grandma holding the baby and the diaper bag.  She’s a pro and this is old hat for her.  She raised two unruly boys into semi-functional adults.  I know it was before electricity and light bulbs, but some childrearing tricks don’t change. And if anyone’s got baby tricks, it’s my mom.  In fact, she will probably fix all the mistakes I’ve made with Gavin in one week and have him taking out trash and vacuuming by the end of her stay with us.  (Isn’t that great?  And all we have to do for grandma is feed and water her!)

So, blue skies, romance, and Stephanie, here I come!  My mom is here to give us reprieve and tame the wiggly Worm!

This phoenix feels like it’s been whacked by a couple of tree branches on its way up.  My head is still thumping (not pounding anymore) and my throat is swollen, but my first small victory is that I can breathe through my nose again.  Blasted flu virus!

The flu has transformed me into a wheezing, bumbling tangle of limbs and slime.  My senses, covered in phlegm, have allowed me to trip over my feet and almost eat my teeth.  Twice.  I’m not a happy camper.  (Although, the added resonance of nasal congestion grants me a few days of Barry White bass vocals.   But, I’m only swooning myself because Steph and Worm won’t come within earshot of their walking petri dish, formerly known as dad.)

On the first day of flu-ness, my germs have asked of me:  12 packs of saline, 11 foreign movies (preferably French), 10 rolls of tissue, 9 mandarin oranges, 8 coughs a minute, 7 bloody noses, 6 garlic cloves, 5 bowls of soup, 4 Chinese herbs, 3 onion slices, 2 gallons water, and 1 dark, moist room.

I’m lucky to have been sick during the time that Steph had off from work.  For the past 4 days, she has handled all of Worm’s needs, while I lay in bed denouncing the Gods with “Why me?” between coughing fits.  So there hasn’t been any me versus Gavin in the past few days because there was hardly a me present.

But, today Steph’s back at work and I’ve got to take hold of the baby again.  (After 4 days out of view, he may have forgotten just who I am.)  The situation freaks me out as I’m still not 100% well.  In fact, my phlegm is still a ruddy yellow color with red sprinkles all over it.  Am I contagious still?  Probably.  (And I can’t remember the last time the flu hit me for more than a couple of days.  This flu’s been quite resilient.)  I don’t want Gavin to get sick.  So, how do I manage this feat?  I’m sure other parents have been in a similar situation and have their personal way of dealing with spreading germs to the kids.

Then there’s my way.

How To Protect Your Baby From Catching Your Flu - Technique

How To Protect Your Baby From Catching Your Flu - Action

Training for Mixed Martial Arts, I guess.

I’m new to daddyblogging as well as fatherhood.  I’m 9.35 months into being responsible for another living human and I’m still not sure I love it.  I mean, I love Gavin (aka “The Worm”, aka GX, aka Bubba) like I love my old Land Cruiser.  But, things are different now.  Way different.

I used to have a career.  I mean I was using my brain on many different levels at some point.  Thinking of complex things like electrons, Ohm’s law, and microprocessors etc. was stimulating and brought some entertainment.  Since then, my intellect has devolved into being entertained by baby puke and “veggie wedgies”.

Since we aren’t ready for outside day care facilities just yet, I volunteered to put my career on slow-motion while taking on the easy task of baby management.  Or so I thought.

I take care of Gavin all week, so I should have enough time to mold him into the person I want him to be…ME!  I know it will take a few years, but when that happens, it will be much less of a struggle.  We will be like two identical peas in a pod.  So, until I fully replicate all of my smarts into his brain, we may hit a few snags along the way.

Through all the ups and downs and everything in between, I hope to capture some pretty great things about raising a baby.


(And yes, we did hit the ground running yesterday…check out the bruise on the Worm’s face!)

Gavin – 1; Dad – 0

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